What I've Seen

by Total Recall (FIN)

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Our first album that came out as a 10" vinyl in early summer of 2012. Still lots of copies left, so if you're interested to get the actual physical record, send us an email to totalrecallhc@gmail.com.


released June 1, 2012

Santeri - guitar, Juska - vocals, Temsu - bass, Aki - drums. Released by Ruori Records (RUORI009), Face Your Gods (FYG005), Parta Records (PARTA006) and United Shoebrothers (SHOE009).




Total Recall (FIN) Finland

Hardcore punk from Jyväskylä, Finland. Been doing this for a couple of years now. Started out with straight-forward old school hardcore, got bored with that, so we decided to make something different, something that would interest and challenge us more as musicians. Now we're all about the freedom of expression, letting go of our boundaries and expressing ourselves at the fullest. ... more

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Track Name: Taxi Driver
Childhood memories
so warm
never thought my world could turn this cold
looking at today fills me up with hate
looking at you, my heart's about to break
human waste, i see it everywhere
mankind turned into filth
and you don't care

because I know where you go
when the night falls in
you want to see some skin
before going to bed
you need to fill her head
"after this bottle of wine
she will be mine"

hey there little girl, don't you cry
I'm not like them
I see you still got some beauty left inside your head
death dealers on the streets
zombies everywhere
if you're not careful enough
you're gonna end up like them

they have sold their very souls
to the god of needles and smoke
to get their kicks
they're gonna need their fix
they're destroying their friends
by destroying themselves

I got some bad ideas in my head
this disease in my neighborhood has to end
I'm too tired, too tired
of living in a world with no justice at all
so sick of living in a world where moral can be both
bought and sold

here's a man who won't take any more
me and my .44 are gonna be
the karma of these streets
if death is what you want
then death you will get
I'm gonna kill you all
and feel nothing.
Track Name: Stabber Lee
My name is Stabber Lee
and I'm the baddest man in town
I know my way around
and I have dropped some fools down
at daytime I'm your everyday normal guy
watching TV and eating junkfood
but when the night comes
I get to do what I do:
picking up fights with you

at 4 AM when the bars close down
that's when I come around
looking for some cigarettes
looking for some food
and if you fuck with me
my blade fucks you
so don't you try anything if you know what's good for you

my name is Stabber Lee
and this is my knife
I like to keep it sharp
every day and every night
you might have seen me on the news
doing my thing, slicing some dudes
but that's just what I do
besides drinking beer and being cool

at 4 AM when the bars close down
that's when I come around
looking for some cigarettes
looking for some food
and if you mess with me
my blade will mess you up
you better give me what I want or I'm gonna cut you up.
Track Name: My War (A War Against Myself)
I have taken shit from the world
countless insults and funny stares
just from being different
because life as a finnish male
seems to come with a pre-made plan
if I don't join the army
I will never be a man

but I prefer to try to find myself
I want to know my own head
I know I'm young
but I get older every year
and every year I feel a bit stronger
in my head

my war, my war
a war against myself
my war, my war
a war against everyone else.
Track Name: No One
You try to get close
and I try to let you in
but why should I do that
if you're gonna hurt me anyway?
my mind has turned into a fortress
where no one comes in
my insecurity into a sickness
that just won't go away
overthought things in my head
disappointment in myself
I have fell in love, I have dwelled in love
and it's the biggest burton I've had so far

No one, no one, no one
not even me
no one, no one
no one comes in

You try to get close
and I try to let you in
this time this is really something
this time I will dare
the only thing that scares me
is my head
and I promise you
I will try to fix it

Heartache to heartache
heartbreak to heartbreak
I've been let down, I've been let down
I have let me down
I want to change, I try to change
I don't want to feel this way
And I try and I try and I try and I try
but it's so hard to trust anyone
when will I ever learn?
Track Name: What I've Seen
I looked in the mirror today
I looked into my eyes
those tired eyes...
I saw a child
I saw a man
I saw everything
that makes me who I am

I have seen happiness
I have seen darkness
I know loneliness
and all I've seen
is in that mirror
staring back at me

I have seen what happens to a person
who abides agony (for too long)
I know what it does to your brains
I have seen that pain
and I know what you think
but these scars are just too deep
I tried to get away from my past
but it won't let me leave

Look into my eyes
can you see the things I see?
can you feel the things I have
felt and feel?