What I've Seen demo

by Total Recall (FIN)



We started writing songs for "What I've Seen" during the early months of 2011. On June our friend Kalle came to our rehearsals with some recording equipment and we had a demo session for our supposed-to-be 7-inch. 3 songs and an intro. We decided to name the record after the last song, which was by far the most interesting one we had written. Later we made some more songs, ditched the intro and decided to make the record a few inches larger, so all the songs would fit in. This demo version of the title track gives you a little sneak peak of what's coming up with the actual record.


released June 1, 2011

Santeri - guitar, Juska - vocals, Temsu - bass, Aki - drums.




Total Recall (FIN) Finland

Hardcore punk from Jyväskylä, Finland. Been doing this for a couple of years now. Started out with straight-forward old school hardcore, got bored with that, so we decided to make something different, something that would interest and challenge us more as musicians. Now we're all about the freedom of expression, letting go of our boundaries and expressing ourselves at the fullest. ... more

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Track Name: What I've Seen
I looked in the mirror today.
I looked into my eyes.
Those tired eyes.
I saw a child.
I saw a man.
I saw everything that makes me who I am.
I have seen happiness.
I have seen darkness.
I know loneliness.
And what I've seen
is in that mirror staring back at me.

I have seen
what happens to a person
who abides agony.
I know what it does to your brains.
I have seen that pain.
And I know what you think
but these scars are just too deep.
I tried to get away from my past
but it won't let me leave.

Look into my eyes.
Can you see the things I've seen?
Can you feel the things
I have felt and feel?