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let's just make this one thing clear
i'm not looking for anything real
not a companion, not a wife
just something to get by

you're not her
not even close
and i'm sorry
for i can't let you close

kiss me
my lips feel nothing
put your tongue in my mouth
i taste nothing
put your arms around me
and make me feel
i need the touch
i wanna feel your touch

'cause i'm turning numb
i'm turning so cold
so scared that i'll be
alone when i'm old

i want you to take this knife
and stab it through my tired heart
make it bleed all the bad blood out
and let the good blood in
let the new blood in

make me bleed
make me feel
i need to bleed
i need to feel.


from Worst Times, released October 12, 2015




Total Recall (FIN) Finland

Hardcore punk from Jyväskylä, Finland. Been doing this for a couple of years now. Started out with straight-forward old school hardcore, got bored with that, so we decided to make something different, something that would interest and challenge us more as musicians. Now we're all about the freedom of expression, letting go of our boundaries and expressing ourselves at the fullest. ... more

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